Making the ultimate Jack Sparrow boots

This tutorial can actually be used to make any sort of tall boot. I myself have used the same tricks to create my Anakin Skywalker boots, Royal Guard boots, ect. I hope that this becomes as useful to you, and it has been to me.

Getting starterd:

For Jack, you need to start out with a simple pair of square toed shoes, or boots. Your best bet would be to use a pair of boots, but if you don't have any, or can't find them, shoes will do. Another helpful tip would be to use an old pair of shoes, as the soles will have already been beaten in. I recycle many of my old shoes, by converting them into costume shoes/boots.

If you are starting off with an existing pair of boots, you have an easier time creating your new shaft. Simply unstitch the shaft from the shoe, this will be your template for the new shaft. Simply trace it onto your suede, and make it about as long as your leg. The shaft should also be double thick, as the originals. Do this by simply cementing 2 pieces of suede together.
For glue, I strongly suggest that you use "Barge" rubber cement. This along will literally hold your boots together, once you are finished. If you have access to an industrial leather sewing machine, you can always opt to stitch all of the pieces together, once you are finished. Additionally, you can probably take them to your local shoe repairman, and ask them to stitch them for you.

After you've made your shaft template, create a template for both the heel, and the body of the boot. Again, simply just trace the shape of the shoe to suede. One of the easiest way of doing this, is to take some fabric, lay it onto the base of the shoe, and trace it from there. Cut that out, and fit it to the shoe. If that looks fine, then you are ready to cut that shape into the suede.

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